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We've created a wiki as a reference for developers and end-users. A few useful things are already in place, and we're adding more all the time.

Newcomers to Mothership might appreciate the functionality reference guide, a comprehensive list of 'what Mothership does' - not only does it give a good overview of the platforms capabilities, it goes into a lot of detail too. So developers might find it useful too as a quick look-up.

We're adding developer and user quick starts and guides as quickly as we can too, with links out to related content and references. (There's a list here.

If you're looking for something that's not on there please shout and we'll bump that topic up the list.

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We have an updated version of the CSV upload which does indeed create the pages at the same time. It's in the final stages of our Quality Assurance process, which means it's been deployed to a 'dev' server for one last round of checks before it's put out into the world.

As you can imagine, it's a powerful tool - the ability to potentially create hundreds of products and pages at a stroke! With great power comes great responsibility, so we're checking this one very carefully ;-)

It should be available soon.

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A good place to get started is by looking over the Functionality Reference list on the Mothership Wiki.

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When you create a page you don't have to make it live straight away; you can set a time and date and let Mothership publish it for you while you sleep.

This can come in handy in lots of situations, for example:

  • Prepare blog posts to publication while you're away on holiday
  • Make a product available on release day (e.g. records, books)
  • Spread out go-live dates to give your news of blog a steadier flow of content

You can even take this further by having a page un-publish at a certain time. You might have a special offer that expires at midnight - don't stay up late waiting to take it down, just set an 'end' time :-)

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If you're developing on the Mothership platform or simply installing it 'out of the box' and need some advice, this is the place for you. Talk to other developers and web designers to share your experience and get advice.

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Something bugging you about Mothership? Got an idea to make it better? Talk direct to the Mothership team and help us make Mothership the best e-commerce on the planet.

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As Mothership's end-users you have unique knowledge and expertise. Please feel free to share your insights and ask questions of your fellow Mothership users. Learnt some neat trick or handy technique? Tell us! Got a problem? Ask us!

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Welcome to the Mothership forum. Hopefully you will find it a useful place to discuss Mothership with fellow developers and end-users. Please do let us know if there's anything about the forum you'd like to see differently; your suggestions will be most welcome. Above all, this forum is for you, so don't be shy :-)

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