Welcome to the Mothership community. We have created a number of resources for developers, designers and end-users.


With dedicated discussion threads for developers and end-users this is the place to go to discuss Mothership with your peers, give and get advice, and chat with the Mothership team.


This constantly updated resource is the go-to place for all Mothership reference.

IRC: #mothership-ec on

If your medium of choice is Internet Relay Chat then we have you covered too.


Download the installer, the source code and get involved with the open source project.

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Mothership is under continuous development, with bug fixes, performance enhancements and new features being added all the time. The following lists show the main things we're planning for Mothership. If you have any specific questions or ideas, the Forum is probably the best place to get in touch.

Recently added

  • Bundles! (Grouped products sold with optional discounts)

  • Updated carousel/gallery module

  • WYSIWYG content editor

  • Improved standalone installer

  • Streamlined product creation/editing interface

  • Automatic page creation with bulk product upload

  • Refer-a-friend

Work in progress

  • Purchase Orders and Goods In
  • Mobile-friendly admin area
  • Wholesale ordering

Next up

  • Graphing in reports
  • Enhancements to Discounts/Campaigns
  • File manager enhancements
  • Guest checkout
  • Click-and-collect

Further down the line

  • Hosted platform
  • Returns re-design
  • Extensive APIs