EPOS interface overview

The login screen

You can add as many staff as you need. It's also easy to switch between staff (they just click their name) in order to make sure sales are correctly assigned to the correct salesperson.

Main menu

This is the main 'home' screen which allows you to select the various main functions available in Mothership EPOS.

Transaction screen

This is what you'll normally see, unless you want to carry out some other task like processing a return. Scanning a barcode finds that item and adds it to the sale, updating the totals until you have all the customer's products ready to go. Hitting that Discount button allows you to deduct either a percentage or fixed discount.


This is the good bit, where you actually take the customer's money! You can enter a mix of payment types, including gift vouchers. (These can be redeemed in the shop or through the website, and can even be partially redeemed, allowing your customers to spend them over multiple transactions.) If the customer is paying cash the system will show you the change required and pop open the cash draw. It will even remind you to close it afterwards.

Thermal receipt

The instant you press 'Complete Order' a nicely formatted thermal receipt will jump out of the printer. The barcode at the bottom can be scanned in to help with a refund should the customer come back. (You'll need to have one of our Waldo devices installed in order to have thermal receipts.)

Transactions listing

The listing shows the current day's transactions by default, but allows you to choose any day you wish. In this example you can see an order has been voided. You can also re-print receipts from this screen should you need to.

End of day

The all-important end of day screen gives you all the detail you need for your records, and a print-out (see below) is available from here. You can also choose any other date on this screen allowing you to re-print an end of day record from any previous day.

End of day printout

This is what pops out of the thermal printer from the end of day screen, for your paper records. (You'll need to have one of our Waldo devices installed in order to have thermal prints like this.)

Product search

If you encounter a missing barcode you can manually search for a product on this screen, so you won't get left in the lurch.

As well as all the transactions shown here the system also handles other things like returns, discounts and gift voucher creation... Mothership EPOS is extremely capable, having been used in some very busy retail outlets over several years.

And here it is in use:


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